Our design outcome comprises a six-cell matrix of three tiers each of two cell pairs.
The matrix shows your typographic solutions to verbal content that you will receive.
Each cell is a solution alone and a matrix component in that each cell works with each other cell.
You can view cell and matrix examples under the various exercise tabs.
The project conclusion includes your resolved matrix and your process documentation.

Our first design consideration is spatial definition.
The cell specifications below are limitations compared to delimitations in your design process.


• Square

• Cell size
— 576 typographic points. A typographic point is 72ppi.
— You must set your hardware and software resolution to 72ppi.
— You must work in points and picas.

• Spatial derivation
— Spatial division is based on Dynamic Symmetry. (See example below.)
— See also Gestalt Principles and Dynamic Symmetry.

• Typographic spatial definition
— Your typographic structure must conform to the dynamic symmetry and
em-quad 18-unit systems with subdivisions. (See example below.)
— Possible configurations are:
– coarse range: 3×3=p192 unit; 9×9=p64 unit;
– middle range: 18×18=p32 unit; 24×24=p24 unit;
– adjust range:  72×72=p8 unit; 96×96=p6 unit;
– refine range:  144×144=p4 unit; 192×192=p3 unit; 288×288=p2 unit.

• Typographic line unit definition
— A line unit is the mid-aligned type size plus the leading.
— For example, p12 type plus p6 leading equals a p18 line unit.
— All line units must coincide with the type grid.
— Our spatial definition allows for, among others:
– 48 p12 lines, for example p9/12 type;
– 32 p18 lines, for example p15/18 type;
– 24 p24 lines, for example p20/24 type;
– 16 p36 lines, for example p36/36 type for single lines;
– 12 p48 lines, for example p48/48 type for single lines.
— See also Guide To Golden Ratio Typography


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