Exercise 5


Gestalt Principles
contrast sensitivity (figure/ground) — grouping laws — object to field / container to content — orientation — matrix delimitation (Prägnanz Law) — visual continuity (closure law)

EL_MetagramE: Braille
L: Braille, Morse Code

J: Audio Wave Form, QR Code, Computer Notation, Binary Code
P: Maritime Signal Flag

K: Maritime Signal Flag, Braille
G: Phoenician Gimel

KS_2_Metagram_StudentWorkK: Braille
S: Flag Semaphore, Braille

LB_MetagramL: Braille, ______
B: Flag Semaphore, Braille

ML_2_MetagramM: Individual personality, Braille
L: Family personality, Braille

NM_MetagramN: Braille, Morse Code
M: Phoenician Mem, Braille

P: Braille, Family personality, Individual personality

S: Individual Personality, Flag Semaphore
T: Family Personality, Braille


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