TypoGraphic Design
02–15 July 2012

Learn skills to form type and image into effective visual communication, energize your creative thinking with proven techniques for idea generation, and improve your portfolio with help from experienced designers and educators.

Course Description
• Learn the benefits of a typographic grid system
• Understand typographic design through a creative design process
• Discover the design possibilities of work with verbal/visual semantics and syntax
• Investigate across disciplines to adapt and adopt ideas and methodologies
• Gain more effective visual communication skills through content analysis
• This workshop will culminate in a public presentation of student work

Who Should Apply
All designers, visual artists, and students interested in advancing their typographic awareness and sensibilities.

How To Apply
Submit to the Course Coordinator by 30 April 2012 a statement of interest and background qualifications. Please include whether you are a professional or student, your computer proficiency, and design experience.

Please note: deadlines are occasionally extended. Please contact the Course Coordinator regarding submitting an application after the deadline date.

Submit the Registration Form and payment of all fees directly to the CSU Summer Arts Registration Office.

Course Coordinator
Arnold Holland
Visual Arts Department
CSU Fullerton
800 North State Campus Blvd.
Fullerton CA 92834
(714) 278-3158 TEL
(714) 278-2390 FAX

Course Number and Credits
Undergraduate Media 424, three units
Graduate Media 624, three units

Materials Fee


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